Crete, largest of the Greek islands and cradle of early Mediterranean civilization, is a world of its own and a place of unique fascination. Painters and poets have been inspired by its magnificent and varied scenery, the distinctive character of its people and its impressive archaeological remains which date from different periods of its history: Minoan palaces, Byzantine churches, Venetian castles and Turkish minarets. The landscape itself is a combination of rugged mountains, flowery meadows, vineyards, orange groves, forgotten ruins and isolated chapels in the upland part of Crete. But wherever you wander, you will always be in the sight of the gleaming blue sea with its lovely beaches, bays and charming fishing villages.  The most southerly outpost of Europe, Crete has a mild and exceptionally dry climate with a prevailing notherly wind, the “meltemi”,  that brings a cool breeze on warm summer days.

The Aghios Nikolaos region, where elounda mare hotel, porto elounda GOLF & SPA RESORT and elounda peninsula ALL SUITES HOTEL are situated , is on the north-east coast of the island overlooking the beautiful gulf of Mirabello.It is a good starting point for sightseeing.

Aghios Nikolaos, 9 km from Elounda village, is a lively small town with a harbour where yachts mingle with cruise boats.Connected to the harbour by a canal is the Voulismeni lagoon, a traditional shelter for small fishing vessels surrounded by lively cafes and taverns. About 2 km from the hotels is the picturesque fishing village of Elounda with its small harbour surrounded by shops, taverns and cafes where you can sit and watch the world go by. On the islet of Spinalonga , opposite the small village of Plaka with its lovely pebble beaches,the Venetians built a seemingly impregnable castle.On the Spinaloga peninsula is the ancient town of Olous where snorkelers and divers can discover the submerged ruins of an ancient city.

The 13th century Byzantine church of Kera stands at the entrance to the picturesque village of Kritsa, 20 km from Elounda. Its frescoes are considered to be the most beautiful of Crete. A must is of course Knossos, Crete’s most important ancient palace around which the Minoan civilization grew and prospered. The Iraklion Archaeological Museum houses a stunning collection of Minoan jewellery and artwork including the original frescoes from Knossos. Another interestin excursion is the Plateau of Lassithi where the legendary Dikte cave is located. Zeus, father of the Gods, is said to have been born here. Another large cave, on Mount Idi, is said to have been his hiding place from his cruel father, Cronus. As a destination for your holidays ,whether you want to explore archaeological sites, sit lazily under the sun on a beach or go on hiking tours, Crete will undoubtedly bewitch you. This is the place where gods are born and where mortals have enjoyed life for thousands of years.

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